Recently given a significant facelift, this heritage listed venue has once again established itself amongst the upper echelon of pubs in Melbourne. The restoration of ‘The Union House’, undertaken by the foursome of Steve Rowley, Matt Vero, Cal Hitchens and Will Benjamin has achieved a stylish modern decor that also remains true to its vintage 19th century beginnings.

A two storey building fitted with a Victorian Ash timber roof, brick walls, murals and a magnificent freestanding Cheminees Phillipe fireplace, the Union House gives patrons a rustic feel whilst they enjoy some fine cuisine and local brews.

To accompany this rustic and homely decor, the Union House specialise in a number of hearty meals including the likes of ‘Roast Chicken Breast Confi’, ‘Grilled Pork Loin’ and ‘Ricotta & Semolina Dumpling in Broccoli Broth’. As a part of their ‘Weekend Meet Up’, they also offer a house special, ‘Roast prime rib with hassle back potatoes and gravy’, which serves up to 3 people at a cost $70.

During the winter months, the fireplace enables the perfect cosy environment for a sit-down meal or drinks with friends.

For those looking to unwind after a long day at work, the Union House offer half price cocktails every day from Monday to Friday from 4-6pm. Along with cocktails, The Union House also proudly keeps a variety of local Victorian ales and beers on tap (of which they have as many as 10!).

Located in the heart of Swan St, this vintage style pub is a must visit.