Why make Swan.st?

Swan.St was created as we felt there was no one publication focused on highlighting the growing culinary options on this ever changing street.

We wanted to make sure that every one of the great places on Swan St were highlighted in a more deserving way.

I am a venue on Swan St and not listed? What’s up?

There are a few reasons why you might not be listed, which can all be overcome easily. Simply contact us and we’ll get on it, this website is by locals, for local business – so everyone is welcome.

You pictures are awesome – can I steal them for my website or Instagram account?

Sure! All we ask is that you link back to us, or tag us @swan3121.

Don’t do it though and we will find you.

I’ve got something happening on Swan.St I think you guys should be covering!

Great. We’d love to know about it. Shoot us an message!