Strategically located between East Richmond and Richmond train stations lies Sushi Plus, a hidden gem of Swan St.

Serving high quality fresh food, Sushi Plus is a perfect on the go option for lovers of sushi and Japanese food alike. Although it specialises in sushi rolls and sashimi, many other options are also available.

The sweet chilli calamari, vegetable and tofu, a delicious savoury dish is a definite highlight of the menu.

Of course, the speciality at Sushi Plus are their California Maki rolls. Their specific take on the Maki roll is definitely worth a try for sushi enthusiasts. Customers can try up to 20 different varieties of sushi and sashimi, starting at as low as $1.80 for a regular serving.

Due to their focus on maintaining their supply of fresh seafood on a consistent basis, the sushi rolls they serve are always flavoursome. Another by-product of this is an enticing aroma when you enter the store.

The connection that sushi shares within the Melbourne food scene is undeniable. Melbournians love their sushi and there is never too much on offer. This connection that Melbournians and Australians alike have with sushi has existed for a long time and continues to thrive with the addition of more and more quality sushi outlets such as this one.

If you are looking for a sushi fix in Richmond at a great affordable price, then Sushi Plus is the way to go. You can find it at 119 Swan St Richmond.