Originally founded in 2000, SpudBar was created to offer a healthy alternative to the habitually unhealthily industry that is fast food in Australia. Centred around a staple of this industry, the potato, they flipped the script and set out to redefine its use away from the common deep fried version.

By choosing to bake the spuds, the nutrition they contain remains intact, providing a healthy source of energy to the customer. Now with 16 stores statewide, the popularity of this franchise is proof in the potato.

Like all of its outlets, Spudbar on Swan St offers you the ability to customise your meal with numerous options and toppings available to enjoy alongside a baked potato. This can be ordered by itself or in a salad.

Many other options are also provided to pair with your spud including their highly sought after locally sourced pulled pork.

Unable to make it to the store? The Swan St Spudbar now delivers to locals though UberEats, as well as offering its catering services to many different events and groups in the local community and surrounding suburbs.

Whether you are looking to eat in or or pick up some food on the go, SpudBar on Swan St is ideally located at 226 Swan St, in close proximity to East Richmond station as well as both the route 70 and route 78 trams.