Establishing your brand in the highly competitive food industry of Australia is no easy task. Maintaining that level of success over many years can be even more difficult. For brothers Eric and Zar Lee , since founding Shuji Sushi in 2000, have witnessed their business grow over the years from strength to strength.

Shuji Sushi specialises in quality authentic Japanese food at an affordable price, with a wide selection of options. In the sometimes saturated market of Melbourne sushi outlets, Shuji Sushi has both entrenched and solidified its position in the upper echelon of the industry.

The store offers a wide variety of handmade sushi rolls (with vegetarian options included), as well as their speciality ‘inari’, a specific type of sushi wrapped in delicious deep fried tofu pockets. They also offer up to 12 different varieties of sushi platters, ideal to share amongst a small or large group.

The Lee brothers have also placed a clear emphasis on the design aspect of their business as well. With its traditional style interiors, the store is an ode to the atmosphere and decor of sushi restaurants in Japan.

Perfect for a quick feed or a comfortable and relaxing dine in experience, Shuji Sushi caters for both, with breakfast, lunch or an early dinner all available every Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm.