For more than a decade, the Richmond Pie Shop has worked hard to establish itself both in the local community of Richmond and Melbourne on the whole as one of the best destinations for pies in the city.

In fact, the pies sold there are so well regarded that their ‘Chunky Angus’ once cracked the top 10 list of the best pies in all of Melbourne. Cooked in a traditional style, with hearty fillings and hefty pastry, and sold at an excellent affordable price, the reputation and notoriety of the Richmond Pie Shop around the city continues to grow as a result.

Locals flock to the store (particuarly during the cold winter days) to get their fix of hot pies. Many football fans can be found here on a regular basis throughout the season, stopping by for a feed on their way to a game at the G.

Owner Quy Tran and her team offer up to as many as 20 different delicious varieties of pies seven days a week. With their friendly staff, hospitality, ambience and environment, the Richmond Pie Shop has also become a favourite hangout spot for locals and pie connoisseurs alike.

The shop sells more than just pies, however, with fresh sandwiches, sausage rolls, foccacias, pasties, cakes and any bakery staple you can think of also on offer.

Located at 200 Swan St, You can stop in to sample their famous pies yourself from 7-5:30pm weekdays, 8-5 on Saturdays and 9-5 on Sundays, don’t miss out!