Growing up in Messina, Italy, Nick Palumbo and his brother Danny were able to witness the authentic Italian gelato churning process first hand, watching and learning with a close eye.

At Gelato Messina, the Palumbo brothers continue this rich tradition every day. Founded in 2002, Messina have built a strong reputation off the back of their authentic Sicilian style Gelato. In fact, the store was even voted as the number one gelato in all of Australia by the Good Food Guide.

Their famous menu includes up to as many as 40 signature flavours of gelato and sorbet at a time, including regular specials. Some of their most popular flavours include ‘Pear and Rhubarb & Chocolate Fondant’, ‘Chocolate Sorbet & Raspberry Sorbet’ and ‘Coffee & Hazelnut Gelato’.

The ingredients are all made in house, from the gelato all the way down to the hazelnuts, as the Palumbo brothers strive to ensure that everything they serve is as fresh as possible.

Beyond the excellent gelato and sorbet options, Gelato Messina also produce their own unique carefully crafted brand of delicious gelato cakes, featuring original eye-catching designs.

Open until 11pm on weeknights and 11:30 on weekends, Gelato Messina is the ideal after dinner option and a must visit for any and all ice cream connoisseurs. With outdoor seating available, the store caters perfectly for the hot summer days and nights.