Once the site of the Swan St Commonwealth Bank, the founder of Fargo & Co pulled off the heist of the century in taking the reigns of this building to become of the most exciting cocktail bars in Melbourne. Although it is now a fully fledged cocktail bar, the owners of Fargo and Co have managed to maintain the buildings original debonair art-deco style.

The drink list and menu have kept in line with the buildings history as well, incorporating themes such as their ‘The Heist’, ‘The Vaults Toronto’ and ‘Bonnie’s Millions’ cocktails.

With a 200 seat capacity, the venue can cater for large crowds at a time, regularly hosting functions of all kinds from work functions to bachelor parties.

Regulars and newcomers alike flood Fargo and Co to sample their famous ‘Bottomless Brunch’ deal, in which all-you-can-drink specials and breakfast meals collide in a feast of temptation and sensation.

Their signature brunch menu, available every Saturday and Sunday offers numerous options all available for just $16, including a succulent fried egg and bacon burger, crispy cornflake chicken, corn croquettes and more. The delicious brunch at Fargo and Co offers the perfect pick me up the morning after a long night.

To complement your drink of choice, Fargo and Co provide a great selection of bar food for lunch and dinner, including a number of excellent snacks to share and main course meals. The label of bar food, however, tends to undersell the excellent complexity of the food on offer here, such as the likes of the ‘kangaroo, pork & apple dumplings’ and the ‘jerk salmon soft tacos’.

Located at 216 Swan St, Fargo and Co is easy to find and easy to enjoy. Come in yourself and see what the fuss is all about!