Steeped in rich tradition, the French are undeniably masters of pastry. The particular methods put into use in the French bakery are often second to none. After a significant period of French colonisation in Vietnam this bakery tradition became embedded in Vietnamese food culture, an influence we see today.

Across Melbourne, Vietnamese bakeries, many typically going under the name ‘Hot Bread’, have a developed their own delicious hybrid of french-viet baked goods, usually at a great affordable price.

At the ’Almost French Patisserie’ in Swan St this tradition continues on. Owned and operated by a Vietnamese owner, this store offers yet another great blend of Vietnamese ‘almost french’ bakery food.

Fresh baguettes, croissants, quiches, cakes and tarts are prepared every morning without fail, providing many different delicious options for breakfast, morning tea or lunch. Highlights of their menu include their Lemon Brûlée Tart and their Vanilla Slice, both prepared in a fine French traditional style.

Alongside the pastries, the Almost French Patisserie also produces great quality coffee daily from 7am at an excellent affordable price, ideal for your pre work caffeine fix.

With limited seating available, the cafe is almost specifically designed to cater to those looking for a quick option on the go. Open from 7am-5pm every Monday to Saturday the French Patisserie is here to satisfy any and all of your pastry cravings, all serviced with a smile. It is located at 138 Swan St, a short walk from both Richmond and East Richmond stations.