A great bakery is the cornerstone of any good shopping strip. Luckily the Swan Street Bakery and Patisserie provides that service for the local community of Richmond daily.

Owned and operated by the duo of Dannielle & Kate, this bakery is renowned for its delivery of high quality pies, cakes, torten, slices, gateaux, fresh bread and much more.

Every morning locals lineup (sometimes out the door) to get their fix of pastries, sweets, toasted sandwiches or their famous lamb pies.

Alongside the daily selection of delicious patisserie staples, the Swan Street Bakery and Patisserie specialises in custom order cakes.

Whether it is a spongebob themed cake for a kids party, a basketball themed cake for a member of the Australian women national team or even a lego shaped cake, Danielle, Kate and their team have done it all and in between.

The team at the Swan Street Bakery and Patisserie are always accommodating and friendly. Customers will often see Dannielle at the back of shop mixing, decorating and working her magic on cakes or rolls while Kate takes care of the customers and mans the barista doing the coffee.

In addition to the custom cakes, the bakery also provides catering services for breakfast and lunch. offering a great selection of rolls, pies, cakes and more.

When visiting the shop, the Minted lamb pie (lamb meat carefully cooked with herbs and spices and then tenderly put on a short crust pastry, then baked to perfection) and the sausage pie (sausage meat sautéed with onion, cheese and tomato and then wrapped on a golden-brown pastry) are a must. They also offer great quality barista made coffee to match.

The Swan Street Bakery and Patisserie is open Monday to Saturday from 7:30am – 3pm and till 5pm from Wednesday to Friday and is located at 239 Swan Street, the perfect option for breakfast, lunch or both!