While Korean BBQ is now more popular than ever in Melbourne, it is yet to quite break through the threshold to become one of the most popular in the minds of Melbournians. This rise in popularity, however, is still a new phenomenon, peaking in the past few years. Even just five to ten years ago Korean BBQ restaurants such as Mrs Kim’s Grill were few and far between throughout the city.

This lack of options provided the initial impetuous for Joanne Chang to open her very own restaurant in 2013, as she sought to bring the food she was so familiar with, marinated meats and Korean spices, to the people of Richmond. The restaurant’s name is an ode to Joanne’s mother, who had a lifelong passion for sharing and spreading Korean food throughout Melbourne.

Today, Mrs Kim’s Grill continue to serve up some of the finest Korean BBQ in the entire city. Presented in the traditional method, in which the staff serves the meat to your table and you and your friends cook it on your very own grill, the food is fresh and flavoursome. Ideal to share, the menu is specifically curated to cater for small and large groups.

Renditions of popular Korean staples are executed in fine style with sauce and spice mixes originating from Mrs Kim’s secret in-house family recipes. Flavours of Kim-Chi, Bulgogi, Galbi and more are delivered in a traditional fashion with a modern twist.

Beyond the extensive food selection, Mrs Kim’s Grill offer many drinks, including traditional Korean soju, saki, both local and international wines and more. An excellent option for two, the restaurant features a number of set menu selections, all served with a complimentary vegie parcel, soup of the day and bowl of rice for two.

Mrs Kim’s Grill is located at 258 Swan St in the heart of the restaurant district. Book a table today for your chance to taste this excellent Korean BBQ restaurant.