At times, finding a simple, clean and healthy lunch or dinner option can be an arduous task, particularly when you are craving chicken. All to often chicken is cooked and served in methods that while delicious, are typically heavy or unhealthy.

At the Foxes Den, however, they have found a way to maintain the nutrition of the chicken without compromising on the flavour. Oven roasted chicken, sprinkled with house made mix of herbs and spices are the speciality of this unique venue of Richmond.

The chicken, all sourced from Geelong, is available by itself in three different sizes or in the stores famous roast chicken rolls, featuring varieties such as ‘The Vixen’, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and ‘The Sly Fox’. For vegan or vegetarian customers, the Foxes Den offers the chance to order the exact same rolls filled with freshly grilled portobello mushrooms as a substitute.

Another proud element of their repetuer are their house made salads. Ever evolving, the salads are constructed using fresh locally sourced ingredients made to match the different seasons of the year. Throughout the year customers can visit the store to experience an entirely new sad experience each time.

An ideal healthy option for families, the menu specifically caters to children with family packs, family sized salads and items such as the ‘Kids brainfood salad’ . The Den have also created their very own range of irresistible house-made sweet treats.

Now with four locations across Melbourne, the popularity of The Foxes Den continues to grow. Located at 184 Swan St, stop by for a taste of their delicious healthy chicken and see why.