Brought to you courtesy of acclaimed Masterchef judge Shannon Bennet, Benny Burger strives to serve healthy organic burgers. With all ingredients sourced from local produce, the store remains true to its mantra of ‘The Ethical Burger’.

When creating the business, Shannon drew inspiration from the method his father Benny Bennet cooked burgers for him as a child, hence the store’s name.

Created in the classic mold, the burgers served here are not ladened with overly salty or sugary products and perservatives. The team at Benny Burger have also gone to great lengths to ensure not only the quality of the ingredients but suppliers that meet the right ethical standards. Their suppliers include Blackmore’s Wagyu, Arcadian Beef from Queensland, Goulburn Valley Eggs, finest fresh fish from the pure water of North Queensland and NT, Gembrook spuds and cheese from Timboon, Vic.

At Benny Burger, the menu is kept simple and straight to the point to ensure that the customers know exactly what they are getting. They also feature a number of trade-inspired options including ‘The Tradie’, ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘The High Vis’.

To Accompany the organic burgers, organic sodas are also available, as well as local brews and even the aptly included ‘Benny Brew’.

Pop into 95 Swan St to try out a burger the way they should be done!

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