Agapi Greek Cuisine is a stylish restaurant with exposed-brick walls and white tablecloths, serving Greek mains and banquets. Situated in the heart of Richmond, offers a rustic feel and is also inspired by the streets and beaches of Greece, you will definitely feel like you are in magical place.

Peter Vorilas, the current owner operates his restaurant as if you are a guest in his home, spending time to talk and get to know his customers and giving you a taste of the famous Greek hospitality.

Starters include grilled calamari, natural oysters, lamb oregano and of course, Greek salad.

Their Moussaka (eggplant, minced beef and béchamel in tomato sauce), Kokkinisto (slow-cooked lamb shoulder) and Stuffed Peppers (peppers with minced meat and rice) are just some of the classic mains that you can order from their huge array of authentic Greek food.

If you are a “grill” guy, they also serve T-Bone Steak, Chicken Souvlaki, Spiced Lamb (lamb off the spit) which will totally leave you wanting more, and don’t forget their homemade Baklava.

Experience a little bit of Greece on Swan St., means going to Agapi Greek Cuisine!